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Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

Our Lazy Susan are built to last the test of time. They will not loosen or become misaligned because they are fixed to the cabinet shelving.

Used as a booster step for young kids. Flip it around for extra storage when they are older.

Spice racks are one of our customers favorite accessories.


cabinet roll-outs

Commonly used in pantries or base cabinets to utilize larger cabinet spaces more efficiently.


We can put dividers and smaller sub shelves inside your cabinet for organized storage.

As well as being able to build our own laminate countertops from scratch we can also install an under-mount sink that blends in perfectly with your countertop and has flush edge with the countertop.

under-mount sinks

cabinet racks

pull-out steps


spice racks

lazy susan cabinet

Hilltop Custom Cabinets & Furniture offers a broad range of kitchen cabinet accessories and pantry organizers, from spice racks to lazy Susans and garbage pull-outs, as well as many others.

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Divide up you cabinet into small cubbies for a more organized storage.